Learn how to use tabs in Safari, see an overview of your tabs and more.

Tabs make it possible to have multiple websites or web pages open in the same window. This is useful for when you need to keep a page open for reference while reading another, or for quickly jumping between regularly used websites.

  • To open a new tab: Press Command-T on your keyboard, or click the small plus button in the very top-right corner of Safari.
  • To close a tab: Press Command-W on the keyboard, or hover the cursor over the tab then click the small x button in its top left corner.
  • To see an overview of all your tabs: Click the Show all tabs button in the very top-right corner of the screen. You’ll see all your tabs zoom out and arrange themselves in a grid layout. To jump to another tab, simply click on it.
  • To turn a tab into a new window: Click on the tab then drag it away from the others. When you let go it will turn into a new window view.
  • To merge multiple windows into on: Click on Window in the Finder menu and choose Merge All Windows. All your open windows will now turn into tabs within a single window.
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