Discover how to enable right-click functionality using the Apple Magic Mouse.

If you’re planning to use your Mac for productive work, or want to really make the most out of it, then it’s a good idea to enable the secondary click functionality (or right-click as most people call it).

It works by assigning the right side of the mouse as a secondary (or right) click. Once activated, when you right-click on a file you can:

  • Open it using additional apps.
  • Compress (zip) it.
  • Add a coloured tag.
  • Move it to the Trash.
  • Copy it.
  • Rename it.
  • Plus more options depending on third-party apps installed.

To enable right-click functionality, open the System Preferences app, choose Mouse, then enable the Secondary click option.

If you would like to assign the left-side of the mouse as the secondary click option, instead of the right side, click the small drop-down arrow beneath the Secondary click option, then choose Click on left side.

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