Learn how to arrange your working space across multiple desktops…

If you use your Mac for multiple purposes (such as work and home), then it’s a good idea to start using Mission Control. It works by enabling you to create multiple desktops, called spaces, to organize your apps and windows.

How to activate Mission Control

There are four ways you can activate Mission Control:

  • Press the F3 button on the MacBook Air keyboard. Notice it has the Mission Control icon above it:
  • Press the function key, then F3 on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar.
  • Swipe up with three fingers across the trackpad.
  • Click on the Launchpad icon in the Dock, then open Mission Control.

After activating Mission Control, you’ll see all the apps and windows open on your Mac:

Mission Control on macOS

Jump between spaces

To jump from one desktop space to another, open Mission Control then click on the space at the top of the screen.

Add a new desktop space

To add a new desktop space to Mission Control, click the plus button (+) in the top-right corner. A new desktop space will then appear. You can open apps and folders within this space, and they will remain here, making it easy to start organizing your apps and folders into multiple spaces.

Assign an app to a specific space

If you’d like an app to open in a specific space – rather than all of them – use Mission Control to visit the space you’d like to assign the app, right-click on its icon in the Dock, then choose Options > This Desktop.

Assign an app to a Mission Control space

Delete a desktop space

To delete a space, activate Mission Control, move the cursor over the space you wish to delete, then click the close (x) button.

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