Learn how to add the trademark and copyright symbols on your Mac, plus more!

Every now and then you might need to enter a special character in a document, or within an app. It might be the @ symbol, it could be a # hashtag, or you might need to type the © copyright symbol. Finding these characters on your keyboard can be tricky because they’re not always labeled.

Thankfully, they’re just a couple of keyboard taps away. Here are the shortcuts you need to find these symbols, plus a few more:

© = Option-G
® = Option-R
™: Shift-Option-2
@ = Shift-2
 = Shift-Option-K

If you’d like to explore all the characters, accents, symbols and pictographs available on your Mac, or if you’re looking for something very specific, then the Character Viewer is a great tool for searching and inserting characters.

To display the Character Viewer, click the place in a document or message where you want the character to appear, then press Control–Command–Space bar. The Character Viewer will then appear. Click the icon in the top-right corner to expand it like this:

When you find the character you need, just click on it to insert it into your document or message.

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