Discover which apps are draining your MacBook battery with these helpful tips.

If you’re worried that your MacBook battery is draining quicker than usual, then chances are a particular app is using all its resources in the background. To quickly check, just click on the battery icon in the top-right corner of the Finder menu. The drop-down menu will show you which apps are using the most energy. The app at the top of the list is the worst culprit, like this:

See detailed battery statistics

If you want to find out more about the energy use on your Mac, then the Activity Monitor app can help. You can find it by opening LaunchPad, or by clicking on Go in the Finder menu, then Applications. Next, click on Utilities and double-click on the Activity Monitor app.

Along the top of the Activity Monitor window, you’ll five tabs. These let you see which apps are using the most processing power, memory, energy, hard drive data and network bandwidth. If you’re worried that a particular app is using all your Mac’s CPU power, click on the % CPU column to sort results. The application using the most CPU power will now appear at the top.

Feel free to click on the other tabs to explore how the apps and services running on your Mac are affecting it’s total power and energy use.

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