With macOS Mojave, the Finder receives a brand new view: Gallery View.

With this enabled, you’ll see larger thumbnails of images, making it easier to find and compare images. You’ll find more information in the right-hand panel, so if you’re looking at an image, you’ll be able to see what camera was used to take it, and where the photo was taken. Finally, the Gallery view also provides helpful tools at the bottom of the right-hand panel.

To enable Gallery View on your Mac, open any Finder window, then click the Gallery View button:

You’ll then see Gallery View appear. Notice the thumbnails running along the bottom of the window. You can click on each thumbnail to see the image larger above, or scrub through the thumbnails using the slider bar.

Also notice the sidebar, on the right-side of the window. It will display complete metadata for the selected file. By default it will display 5 lines of metadata (such as date modified, date created, and last opened). You can show more lines of metadata by clicking the blue Show More button. Below are context sensitive shortcuts, which change depending on the file you’ve selected; so if you’re looking at an image you’ll see tools to rotate the image or use markup, and if you’re looking at a video you’ll see a shortcut to trim the videos length.

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