Discover how you can explore cities and large towns in 3D using the Maps app on Mac.

Using the Maps app it’s possible to navigate the world’s most famous cities in beautiful 3D graphics. Buildings, landmarks and even trees are modelled, enabling you to explore your way around a neighborhood like never before. Note that approximately 200 of the world’s most popular cities have been mapped in 3D, so this mode only works with capitals and large cities. Nevertheless, it’s an astonishing feature and fun to explore.

To view the 3D map, ensure you’re in satellite mode (to do this click the Satellite button in the top-right corner) then zoom in on the map. You can do this by using the plus and minus buttons in the bottom-right corner, or you can hold down the shift key then scroll your finger up and down using the trackpad or Magic Mouse.

To rotate the image, simply place two fingers on the trackpad then rotate them. If you’re using a Magic Mouse, hold down the option key then move the mouse left or right.

To tilt the camera, simultaneously move two fingers up or down the trackpad. Moving them left or right will pan the camera. If you’re using a Magic Mouse, then again, hold down the option key then move the mouse up or down.

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