Here’s how you can plan a route using the Maps app on your Mac…

Your Mac can’t be used as a sat-nav device (maybe that’s obvious!), but it can plan directions for you, offer multiple routes, and show live traffic.

To get started, open Maps then click the Search field at the top of the window. Next, enter the destination you wish the navigate too. This can be an address, a zip code, or you can click and hold on the map to drop a pin.

Once you’ve searched for an address a pin will drop on the map. Click on it, then click the blue Directions button. Maps will automatically find the optimal route to the destination. It will also offer alternative routes which appear as opaque blue lines on the map. You can click on these alternative routes to choose them.

Once you’ve found a suitable route tap, click the Details button in the sidebar to see an overview of the entire journey.

How to get real time traffic information

Using the Maps app it’s also possible to see live traffic conditions. To do this, click the Show drop-down in the lower-left corner, then choose Show Traffic. Look at the map and you’ll see colored lines appear on all major roads and freeways. Green indicates regular flowing traffic, orange shows busy roads, and red shows serious traffic jams.

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