Learn how iCloud works for Safari, including tabs, browsing history and bookmarks.

iCloud has loads of clever features which sync across all of your devices. Many of them work with Safari, so you share the same browser history, bookmarks, and tabs across your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Set up iCloud for Safari

Before you begin, make sure you’re signed into iCloud on all of your devices. To do this on your Mac, open System Preferences, select iCloud, enter your Apple ID and password, then click Sign In. iCloud for Safari should be automatically enabled. If it isn’t, just click on the Safari tick box.

To set up iCloud on your iPhone, open the Settings app, tap on your name at the top of the screen, tap iCloud then sign in. You’ll see a toggle switch for Safari down the screen, make sure it’s turned on.

How to use iCloud Tabs

When you’re using your Mac to browse the web, you can see the tabs open on your other devices by clicking the Tabs button in the top-right corner. The window will change to show all your open tabs. Along the bottom will be a list of the tabs open on your other devices:

You can open any of these tabs by clicking on them. If you would like to remove a tab from the iCloud Tabs list, hover the mouse cursor over the tab then click the small X button.

To see all your iCloud tabs on an iPhone, open Safari, then tap on the tab button at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down and you’ll see your iCloud tabs in list form.


iCloud Bookmarks

Bookmarks are helpful shortcuts to all of your favorite websites. Using iCloud, these bookmarks will appear across all of your Apple devices, so you only need to add a bookmark once and it will appear within Safari on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

To see your iCloud bookmarks on your Mac, open Safari, click Bookmarks in the Apple menu at the top of the screen, then choose View Bookmarks. A sidebar will slide into view to display any bookmarks you have saved.

To add a new bookmark, visit the website you wish to add, then press Command-D on your keyboard. You can also click on Bookmarks in the top menu and choose Add Bookmark. A small menu will slide down the screen enabling you to enter a bookmark name and description.

To remove a bookmark, open the bookmark sidebar, find the bookmark you wish to remove, right-click on it, then choose Delete.


iCloud Browsing History

Whenever you visit a website in Safari, a log of that visit is stored in your browser’s history, which you can access by pressing Command-Y on your keyboard. With iCloud, your browsing history is stored across all of your Apple devices, so if you visit a website on your iPhone, then later open Safari on your Mac, you can see a log of that visit.

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